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286 Madison Ave @ 40th St, New York, NY 10017.

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Harry H.
Armed with Yelp checkin AND Levelup AND Belly, I was disarmed by one female staffer straight icing me when I walked in the empty store. Used only the $2...

Virginie L.
I like coming here since at around 7 it's the most freshest food compared to the others. Plus the choices seems way more interesting, tastier, and better....

Yvonne K.
This place is RIGHT across from McDonalds... Hahah.. when your inner voice craves a burger but you feel guilty, go to 4FOOD. They have healthy cool burgers...
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user reviews

rating 3.9 out of 5
Laura Schwartz
With a slogan like “de-junking fast food” and a menu that allows you to combine veggie burgers with spinach and pine nuts, mac and cheese, veggie sushi, brussel sprouts and even a wide array of condiments this place sounded like heaven to me. Basically, the concept is they give you these donut s....
Ema Gloria
I have a strong aversion to food joints that take on a "healthy twist," but this place was a very pleasant surprise. Didn't expect them to throw me off with their unexpected creations ranging from very tasty meat skewers (e.g., grass-fed beef, turkey, sustainably-raised salmon), their ....
Nichel Bethea
The manager is awesome. The employees are super nice. The food tastes fresh with so many choices to choose from. Its very easy to spend a lot for this place so I usually stick with the burger. I usually don't go to crazy, but the lamb/avocado/mango thing I did was pretty sweet. Its also usually ....
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