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2936 North Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657.


  • Athenaeum Theatre

    $14.50 for $27.00 - Jazz Dance Choreographers Compete at Inaside Sponsorship Event


    A choreographic legacy molded by the likes of Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse and even Michael Jackson.. read more seeks fresh innovators -- and it's up to you to help define the next era of jazz dance. At Inaside Chicago Dance's annual Choreographic Sponsorship Event, four hot local jazz choreographers will vie for a grand prize of $1,000 and the chance to create a new piece for Inaside's 2016 season. Over four nights of sizzling pivots, pirouettes and scissor kicks at Athenaeum Theatre, you can not only see but cast your vote on works by veteran movement masterminds such as former Dance magazine cover girl Lizzie MacKenzie, Joffrey Ballet company member Wade Schaaf, and Giordano Dance resident choreographer Autumn Eckman. A different artist presents at each show, so come and vote at any or all of the performances -- and help determine the future of jazz dance in Chicago and beyond.

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  • Athenaeum Theatre

    $12.00 for $22.00 - Drama "tiger at the Gates" Explores Peace Rather Than War


    The Trojan War is etched into history and implanted onto public conscious thanks to the massiv.. read moree scale of the battle and the epic poem, The Iliad , written about the conflict. But what if the Trojan War had been avoided, and in its place there was a passionate plea made by a warrior for a story of peace? In Tiger at the Gates , the war is on the horizon, but Trojan military leader Hector attempts to avoid the battle with the Greeks. The men around him, however, captivated by the beauty of power of glorious Helen, have other plans in mind.

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  • Athenaeum Theatre

    $17.00 for $32.00 - the Birth of the Big Bang Theory Erupts Onstage in "creation's Birthday"


    Edwin Hubble is best known as the namesake of the large space telescope that's spent the last .. read morequarter-century floating in Earth's orbit, delivering unforgettable high-res images that have led to countless scientific breakthroughs. But Hubble was also a war hero, a Rhodes scholar, a boxing champ and a prodigious astronomer who, in teaming up with a moonshine-peddling janitor by the name of Milton Humason, helped discover our expanding universe and expose a theoretic blunder of Albert Einstein's that forever changed the way scientists view the creation of the universe. This Athenaeum Theatre production of Creation's Birthday bridges the oft-significant gap between art and science, crafting an entertaining tale of love, passion and conflict unfolding within a limitless universe.

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    $9.50 for $17.00 - "really Really": College Parties and Class Warfare


    Gossip flies around a pair of undergrads after a wild party at an elite university results in .. read morea startling accusation and the regret of a lifetime in Really Really. Coming to Chicago's Athenaeum Theatre, this tragicomedy delves into sexual politics and class warfare between privileged Davis, social climber Leigh and their circle of friends, while commenting on their all-consuming ambition, not to mention the current hook-up culture. In fact, The New York Times called Paul Downs Colaizzo's play " Lord of the Flies with smartphones. " Interrobang Theatre Project stages this Midwest premiere.

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  • Athenaeum Theatre

    $17.00 for $32.00 - "picture Imperfect": Single Mom Fights for Autistic Child


    Inspired by a real events, this new drama delves into the world of Mary, a struggling single m.. read moreother, who's faced with heart-wrenching decisions when it comes to ensuring the best life for her young autistic son. Mary finds herself broke, alone and tormented by mistakes she's made in the past, as she fights hard against a frustrating system that's threatening to take her beloved child away. Chicago's Athenaeum Theatre stages this world premiere, which aims to raise awareness about autism as it engages and entertains with its emotional story.

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  • Athenaeum Theatre

    $10.00 for $18.00 - It's One Last Awkward Party Before the End of Days in "barbecue Apocalypse"


    A backyard barbecue designed to impress the neighbors quickly devolves into a battle for human.. read moreity's survival in outrageous end-of-days comedy Barbecue Apocalypse. A winner of best new play honors last year from the Dallas Observer and DFW Theater Critics Forum , this fast-paced dark comedy centers around quirky, unstylish couple Mike and Deb, who have invited their hip, foodie neighbors for a barbecue to help overcome their status as the street's social outcasts (with the dumpiest house in the 'hood to match). But unbeknownst to any of these partygoers, the world is quite literally about to fall apart -- and apocalypse has a way of putting things in perspective. The Ruckus presents this devilish new social satire from rising local playwright Matt Lyle, the writer behind The Boxer and the City Life Supplement .

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  • Athenaeum Theatre
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James P.
Customer service was outstanding! I was originally frustrated with a recent concert, that I was excited to attend. (Damien Rice) I had logged in at the...

Amy R.
Came here to see Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories a few weeks ago with a group of 6 friends. For those of you unfamiliar with Tim & Eric, go watch a few...

Corey D.
Came here for the first time this past December for the Nutcracker and loved it. I mean, the play was alright. Wife and daughter loved it. I was stoked over...
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Tom Yoder
This is, where Abrhaam Lincoln got shot I think
Athenaeum Theatre
STUDIO ONEWildclaw Theatre presents - KILL ME Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 3pmFeb 11th through Mar 18th
Athenaeum Theatre
Athenaeum Theatre 3 minutes agoSTUDIO THREE Six Hours Short Productions presents: Chester and the Unbearable Burden, Parts I and II Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Feb. 9 - Mar. 4
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rating 4.3 out of 5
Bill Jones
It's a cool, old theater. Smaller side and intimate, and I like that at least for the A.V. comedy fest, you could choose your own seats on the map through the ticketing system. Small bar, but it moves very fast despite the large crowds and has a good selection. My only major complaint is that after ....
Aaron M
Amazing theater. Great place to see a show. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. The balcony is a bit steep, if that's a concern for you be aware.
Gerald Stuhrberg
This was a really great theater not only were the people very friendly and helpful the sound was very rich. They have a bar.
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