Biosphere 2

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32540 S Biosphere Rd, Oracle, AZ 85623.

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Cristina R.
An absolute must in Tucson! Very interesting and you learn many things! It is a shame it is not getting enough funding or attention, so much could be done...

Jasmine C.
We were given a groupon for this place and so we made a day of it. We had been here YEARS ago when it was run by someone other than U of A. We didn't...

Michael F.
This is the perfect place if you are into science stuff! The tour guide was good and gave plenty of information. Each section was different climates which...
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There were two different missions between 1991 and 1994 where researchers were sealed inside to measure sustainability. This type of eco-environment would be critical for human space colonization.
The Ritz-Carlton
Want to walk through mangroves, rainforests, savannah and a fog desert in the space of an hour? Yes. Then the futuristic Biosphere 2 is the place for you. Wild and wonderful.
Candice Curtis
Go on Earth Day when admission is free, and the original Biospherians do tours.
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rating 3.5 out of 5
Jeffrey Jordan
The worst part is they have no facilities for people who don't take the tour. If you arrive with a carload of people and some want to tour and others don't, or can't because they can't do all the walking (e.g., the elderly), the others cannot go to the cafe, they can't go to the scenic overlook, the....
Drew Mackay
Tour spoiled badly by insistence of guide to insert editorial opinions about causes of climate change, including the phrase "that harmful gas CO2" on several occasions. Also insisted on adding silly propaganda re: extreme/catastrophic consequences of possible future climate changes in a clear attem....
David Holmstrom
This will sound like a lot of the other reviews, but I too was very bothered by the tour guide! It was great to see the Bioshpere2 and the engineering that went into it, but having to listen to the tour guide rant about his personal beliefs and feel like we were being lectured the whole time really....
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