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7038 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32818.

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Martin J.
Went there for lunch with bunch of friends after reading reviews here on yelp. We approve! Decent looking place with good value of food for...

Gerry S.
We went to Crazy Buffet for the first time yesterday and will definitely be back again and again even though it's a 45 minute ride from home. Best buffet...

Nacho G.
Out of all the buffets we tried in Florida during our last holiday with my family, around 3 or 4, this was the best we could find. Good variety and...
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Janine Lee
Lots of food but nothing really tastes good! Maybe they should concentrate on making just 25 things really good...
Brenda Bowman
FYI, food poisoning happens w/in 1-3 HRS of consumption, Not next day. Check ur personal fridge where most food poisoning happens, before falsely blaming an establishment... ignorance... smdh.
Keanu Bader
The sushi and hibachi make it worth it
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rating 3.6 out of 5
truly blessed
Our 1st and last visit was 9-20-14. Some items on the buffet were dry, some selections out of the same pan were warm and cold (exp:1 wing was warm and 1 was cold) it seemed as though they were not removing any food that had been sitting for awhile. They were just adding the warm food on top of the c....
Jim Barringer
I was a little bit skeptical after reading some of the negative reviews, but holy moly. I've never seen a Chinese buffet this nice. The food was outrageously good; I had Hong Kong steak, pepper steak, baked crab, raw oysters, clams, several different kinds of sushi rolls, and a few other things. ....
Jake Zachariah
Hated it! I give this a One Star review because Google won't let me leave NO Star reviews! Just bad. So much variety, so little quality. Nothing tastes good, even the desserts are crap. Just yuck. My tip? You'll have a better time paying someone to kick you in the balls while smacking your mother an....
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