Crown Car Wash

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Tennent Rd. & Rt. 9 Ramp , Englishtown, NJ 07726.

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Kimberly C.
I usually go to the Crown in Parlin, but this one is closer to New Brunswick and I desperately needed a quick car wash after months of my car being dirty....

Alison H.
4 Quarters for 4 Minutes with Vacuum $7 Exterior $3 Tire Shine Total=$11 It is self service.......Be prepared to DRY YOURSELF too. Yes the giant blow dryer...

Katie L.
The vaccumm i was using was a piece of shit. It doesn't suck anything and the nozzle broke off after 1 minute. Fix that shit management!
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total check-ins: 96
John R Quinn
Here's a Tip, STAY AWAY and go somewhere esle.
John R Quinn
The WORST! Stay away
Ashley Navalany
Great car wash! You can shampoo carpets there
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rating 3.7 out of 5
John Quinn
Car Owner BEWARE! To start off this is probably my first negative online review for any business. This is the perfect place it you want your car to take a beating. I took my Jaguar in for a wash and the car wash ripped one of my grill panels. As soon as I pulled out of the car wash I went over ....
Alexander Tsui
Holy Christ... they're cheap for a reason. Yes, your car is washed... but not perfectly. I'll give you two critical examples that will either be things that would drag you away or be things you don't really care about. You know those little windshield stains you get after the rain? You'd expect a c....
Albert Drost
My car comes out so clean. The package#3 with rainx makes my black jeep look like new again. They have a club plan too. $14.95 a month you can wash your car everyday if you want.I never wait in a long line they wash so fast only 2 minutes done tires shined waxed and ready to go. The self service vac....
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