Dart Warz

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8150 S University Blvd., Littleton, CO 80122.

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user reviews

rating 3.4 out of 5
Joe Pollara
Took my kids (11 and 7) to Dart Warz last night. Not a great experience. The music was way, way too loud, especially for little kids. Take earplugs if you are going. I asked them to turn down the music which they did for a few minutes, then they turned it back up. Also, don't bother paying to upgrad....
Kristin Baldwin
My son and his friends are into Nerf and really like Dart Warz and we have taken advantage of the Groupon and Living Social coupons frequently. BUT, otherwise, not worth it from the hassle of it all. The customer service reps need training. They are not friendly to the point of being rude. They are ....
Lindsay Frost
The first time I went was great. It was a week night, there was plenty of space to play and as a surprise for my birthday it was fantastic. However, the second time I went was not as great. Wanting to take my friends to something different, I called ahead to see what would be their least busy day, i....
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