Little Rock

Expressway Airport Parking

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4405 E Roosevelt Rd., Little Rock, AR 72206.

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Rebecca McCormick
Also: Reservations *must* be made online. You cannot drive up to the window today and make a reservation for tomorrow morning. Ugh.
Rebecca McCormick
Want loyalty points toward free parking? Be SURE to make a reservation. If you forget, even though you show up, park and pay (all signs of a loyal customer), no loyalty points. Stupid rule.
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user reviews

rating 4.3 out of 5
M Pennington
I have parked at Expressway Airport Parking for years. I will never park on site at the airport again. I know my car is safe locked behind the gates with security cameras. The shuttle drivers are very friendly. They are quick and are usually at my car before I turn it off. When I return, rarely....
Don Pennington
Expressway parking is a terrific business that provides excellent service. I would never park anywhere else. First of all, you can reserve a spot in advance with no obligation. This entitles you to discounts and a reserved space. However, there is no need to do that as I have never had any probl....
Walt Viera
I travel 9-10 times a year for my job, Expressway Parking saves me time and money every time I travel. I know I can park in a safe covered parking cheaper than I can park at the airport. When I get home from a trip it is nice to be able to take a few steps out the door of the airport and hop on thei....
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