Great Neck

Harvest Buffet

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14 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021.

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margaret e.
Hi guys if you like sea food that is the best Chinese Buffet in NY and NJ. Harvest Buffet has special for that day for New Year it was excellent. I guess...

James E.
Been going to this place for years, was close to 5 stars when it was a "hidden gem", but now everybody & their mother comes here, so like most things that...

Mynameis N.
Where are you reviewers eating? This food at this place is awful!!!! No quality what-so-ever! They charge 50 per person for "holidays" which is a joke...
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total check-ins: 980
DisGuyOverHERE YeaOverHERE
Shrimp w/ mayonaise
Michelle A.
This place used to be the best buffet in Queens. I don't know what happened, but the last time I went there, the food was disgusting! It was greasy and tasted like any other Chinese food buffet.
Greivy Lou
Wide selection of food ranging from Korean to south east Asian cuisine, best sushi buffet can offer!
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rating 3.1 out of 5
Candy Schmeling
This facility fails in all aspects of what I would call being worth my money. They charge you $30 per person plus a mandatory fee which is described on their receipt as the percentage we are charged for their workers salary (15%) then they calculate the tax with both of those combined and expect you....
Phillip ng
At about 13 dollars per person, this buffet provides great tasting chinese and japanese food. They have dim sum, noodles, steak, and all types of sushi. Their sushi options included raw oysters, salmon, eel, tuna and a variety of exotic rolls. In addition, all drinks are included in the price. drink....
randy farb
Update. On harvest buffet. Its gone closed down I went by there today. Was a good restaurant pricey yes food was good
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