Newport Beach

Hokkaido Seafood Buffet

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4200 Scott Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660.

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Berna T.
I've been here on a weekday and a couple of weekends and this place is never crowded. This place has a sushi bar, soup bar, fried food bar, hot food bar,...

Sid A.
I honestly feel bad for this business. I was curious why it was empty, and I realized after watching people hand off their coupons that they were here for...

Kerry M.
read all the reviews. not even worth it with a groupon
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Nhut T
The men's restroom is on the right! I walked through the door curtain and the curtain must have blocked parts of the word from my eyes because I only saw the "MEN" part of "WOMEN" and walked in!
Nora Wade
Not as good as the Burbank location. This one is a bit too dirty and the buffet is pretty empty. Don't go in the bathroom...yuk
Cheaper than Makino but you get what you paid for. The place ran out of plates and bowls repeatedly, plus we were seated in a section with little/no air-conditioning. Not a happy camper.
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rating 3.7 out of 5
Jeff Kruse
Food is good. Service is sub par all over the restaurant. Not too bad of a place to go to though.
Angie Kim
Bad food. Was expecting to eat some good rolls, but it was disgusting. (Especially the fried roll? Crunch roll? It wasn't crunch at all, just oil soaked rice or something) Didn't like the miso soup either. The hot food section was okay. Liked the tokyo chicken or something. Went on saturday night, t....
Chris Jackson
Great all you can eat establishment! Amazing range of food, all of which was very tasty! They even have a chief who is waiting to cook up whatever meal you want with the ingredients of your choice! At only $18 this is great value! Highly recommend!
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