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2330 S Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53207.

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Albert K.
2.5 hours across the lake takes the stress out of the drive to Michigan if you are going anywhere in the middle. I have used this service to get me into...

Kelly M.
The only thing keeping me from rating this a 5 star is the cost of the trip. I usually take the train to Michigan, but for $80-100 more you can take the...

Mike S.
Took the 2.5 hour trip from Milwaukee to Michigan, well worth the dollars for the time saved. The car was safe and sound and I actually saved money from...
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rating 3.2 out of 5
nick s
Personally, I've never had anything other than uber helpful people behind the counter or in the terminals. I usually get there a little early and I'm not in a rush so it's a relaxed situation. Fast and easy as all get-go! Rather than do the drive through Chicago (to Mid-Michigan) I like to take a ....
Chris Liz Marshall
So many issues with this ferry. Website hard to use and poorly designed. I have tried to make reservations on the phone and was told I would be called back and had to make over 4 return calls. Terminal in Muskegon had strange speaker noise that when asked about I was told they cant fix it. They o....
Gary Corzett
I've taken the Lake Express Ferry 4 times in the past five years (always with my vehicle) and it has always been a very good experience all the way around. The loading and unloading was timely, well organized, and people were very helpful. The one area for improvement would be the food menu and fo....
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