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2330 S Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53207.

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Albert K.
2.5 hours across the lake takes the stress out of the drive to Michigan if you are going anywhere in the middle. I have used this service to get me into...

Kelly M.
The only thing keeping me from rating this a 5 star is the cost of the trip. I usually take the train to Michigan, but for $80-100 more you can take the...

Mike S.
Took the 2.5 hour trip from Milwaukee to Michigan, well worth the dollars for the time saved. The car was safe and sound and I actually saved money from...
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rating 3.5 out of 5
Michael Zable
Cancelled on me at the last minute because they said it was windy and I would be uncomfortable. Ya know what makes me more uncomfortable? Paying for a hotel room in Michigan when I'm not there. CS was completely unwilling to accommodate for consideration for a future date and they took their swee....
Rick Lemke
For a tourist the Lake Express is fine. It simply is not reliable enough for business travel. My last two experiences: 1. Had a meeting in MI, so I rode the ferry over in the morning and was planning on riding back in the afternoon. The afternoon and evening boats were canceled due to high win....
David Doyle
Not great. I would like to support this method of travel, truly, I'd like to try. However, I have booked twice, and its been cancelled on me twice. I think the idea of ferry travel is nice. But if its me, I won't ever try to use Lake Express again. I like the Ludington ferry more, they actua....
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