San Antonio

MAAR's Pizza

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14218 Nacogdoches Rd., San Antonio, TX 78247.

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Lilibeth A.
Came here to watch Game 7. Maars is very spacious with a few rooms of seating and uniquely decorated with aliens all over. Sure beats drab ole' white...

Michelle H.
Yelp reviews were good so we decided to give this place a try. Had a late lunch around 2-3 pm so the restaurant was kinda empty. Here's what we...

Slappy W.
One hell of an underrated spot for pizza. This pizza is soooo freagin good! Had a good old fashion pizza party there for my bday and everyone was thoroughly...
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total check-ins: 1021
Lori Aleman
Best bartender around!
Heather Schlough
Always leaves you satisfied and the owners are the nicest people!
Vanessa Manselle
The Heaven's Brisket Pizza is to die for.
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rating 4.3 out of 5
Jay Smith
They had the worst service. After waiting for my order for 45 minutes, they continued to say that the pizza was on its way out. My family and I decided to pay for our drinks and leave (seeing how we waisted 45 minutes already). Upon informing our waitresses she decided to argue with us about the wai....
san antonio Dweller
ATMOSPHERE: Place has got a relaxed Austin-like feel to it. A down-to-earth neighborhood bar with plenty of locals, a Rumpus and unpretentious sport's bar with plenty of big screens, and a surprisingly kid-friendly restaurant with plenty of room. You get quite a mix of people in there....old folks, ....
Jeff Turpin
I wasn't expecting much when I came here as it seems geared towards kids and families in the same way that Peter Piper Pizza and Chucky Cheese's caters to those demographics. The quality was about the same, maybe marginally better. I started with the cheese bread. It looked like a decent amount o....
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