Merge: Vegetarian Restaurant

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439 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14203.

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user reviews

rating 2.8 out of 5
Bon Sari
While in Buffalo, NY I decided to go get an order of food from this restaurant and go enjoy it by the water. 1st of all, Nobody in Buffalo has ever heard of this place. 2nd of all, I get to the parking lot and I wanted to order a take out order for lunch. Well, They don't do take out. How degrad....
Derek Meline
I'm surprised by many of the reviews. My service was very good; the server was fast and knowledgeable. The food was alright but nothing that justified the prices. The reason that I really liked the place was that on my Saturday night visit, my friends and I were able to head to the patio (around....
Brian Vital
Our experience at Templeton's Landing was beyond great. Initially, we planned on eating and having a few drinks on the bar/canopy side. But due to lack of business being on a Monday night, the kitchen on the bar side was closing. Too bad! Nope the bartender took it in her own business to keep it....
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