Las Vegas

Minus 5 Ice Bar

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3930 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119.

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Yari S.
I found out about this from watching TANKED. I thought a bar that is covered in ice has to be so uncomfortable. Who can have fun here? Coming from a girl...

Christina L.
I love tourist traps!! This place was really cool and different. Even though it's pricy, you probably can't do this at many other places so you should try...

Carolyn L.
Minus 5- I was so excited to go here- and then I was like this is definitely the wrong venue for me. Yes everything is made of ice- which is cool cant...
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Travel Channel
The city’s coolest bar -- literally. Wear gloves to sip cocktails in glasses made entirely of ice. After 30 minutes in frigid temps, step back out into the desert heat to warm up.
Composed entirely of pure ice and set to a constant chilly 23 degrees, this drinking experience is unlike anything else.
Wear Your FURRIES!! Cocktails On ICE & Nothing But SEXY At This Vegas Club Soo CHILL!!
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Alma Gonzalez
Just went there this past weekend. We did the Groupon deal for $44 pays for two entrance fee plus 2 drinks each. we had a great time. worth the $44. we've done the whole Vegas club scene, been going to Vegas every year so it was nice to see that this was a calmer place. it's more of an experience th....
Lorraine Carpenter
My husband and I have been wanting to check this place out for a while now, so we ended up going to the one at Monte Carlo. The drinks were pretty good and decently priced for being on the strip. They had some pretty neat ice sculptures, which we ended up getting to take a decent amount of pictu....
John S
They tell you it's the temperature of a walk in freezer but they forget to mention that it is the SIZE OF A WALK IN FREEZER. If you feel that you absolutely have to see this place do yourself a favor and just pay the minimum 17 dollar's and surely you won't be as disappointed as I was.
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