Naples Botanical Garden

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4820 Bayshore Dr, Naples, FL 34112.

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Jennifer H.
A FANCIFUL SURPRISE If I lived in the area, I would be at the gardens often. But I was visiting. *sigh* So what to do with two young boys in tow? Take...

Never Shovel Sno W.
Absolutely gorgeous were we in brazil? Maybe the south china sea? serene, extremely well maintained worth the ride to south naples

Jonathan C.
This place is nice. We went on a Sunday when a jazz band was playing from 2-4. Live music added to the ambiance and it's the primary reason I convinced my...
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Shannon Palmer
Go to Naples Botanical Garden and check out the Children's Garden - the treehouse, water fountains, butterfly house, etc. - Then go sit in a hammock in the Caribbean Garden.
Shannon Palmer
Keep an eye on the Garden's online event calendar for new events. Jan 30th is their first ever Public Dog Walk Celebration where you can walk with your four-legged friend through the Garden.
Jill Barry
A cold but sunny day is a perfect time to visit the garden!
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Larry Ullian
It was a beautiful place. Loved the orchid garden especially. So much so I wanted to get one of the plates with the embedded orchid as a birthday gift. I thought there would be a website for the store but alas, there wasn't. Then I thought, "I know, I'll call them and see if i can order it." But all....
dave pounds
During our winter visit to Florida we spent a day at The Naples Botanical Gardens. We were very impressed with the diversity of plant material and how "throwing several million dollars into the pot" sure helps. The people of Naples should be very grateful to these generous donors. I have an ongoing ....
Pyra-Danny V
“I don’t feel like I’m in Naples anymore.” With wide paths, a handful of themed areas, large landscapes, and nice use of water … this place is huge! Windy paths and green borders also help to further shield the true size of the place and make you feel transported. While not every area was ....
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