New Orleans

National World War II Museum

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945 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70165.

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Barry G.
Such a cool place, and a must see for anyone that likes history. When I was down in NO this past February, my sister and I went. Lots of great historical...

Darya S.
Feeling shamed that I hadn't visited any museums on my New Orleans trip, I decided to squeeze in the WWII museum into the two hours I had before my flight,...

Lily V.
Blah. Though it was a pretty good museum with several interactive and interesting components, I was definitely disappointed in how much their pacific war's...
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The museum opened its doors on June 6 2000, the 56th anniversary of D-Day. The museum is located here because this is where the "Higgins Boats", vital to D-Day operations were designed, built & tested
Erin Keefe
make sure to watch the movie, you won't be disappointed!
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
Seek out Higgins boat, which was designed and built in New Orleans. You’ll learn why the shallow-draft 36-passenger transport got credit from General Eisenhower for winning the war! -Travel Editor
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rating 4.6 out of 5
Andrew Bartrom
Brillant. Fantastic place. Been here 3 times now always look forward to comming back. The history is incredible i reccommend this to anyone interested in WWII history. I will be back.
J Swanson
Incredible. The pieces are powerful, the exhibits informative. Beyond All Boundaries gave me a perspective I'd never had on the war. The most amazing thing is how balanced everything is - the Japanese, Italian, and German perspectives are given without the usual heavy-handed villainy. It was good to....
Alex McCarthy
We walked about 2 miles to get here, because driving in NOLA is... Impossible? This place was confusing at first, because it is multiple buildings, and growing. But, we just picked a building, and went in. Bought tickets, and started walking around. If you like WWII history, this place is packed wit....
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