Organ Stop Pizza

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1149 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204.

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Connor E.
Fun place, very unique. Obviosly the main feature is the organist and the broad array of aspects of the organ. The organist was phenomenal and could play...

Heidi S.
Organ Stop Pizza is unique. The obvious big draw to this place is the massive organ and the very talented organist. Truly impressive and charming. While we...

Nicole G.
The dinner experience is enjoyable. They offer something you don't see everyday. But that is the only reason I gave it three stars. The whole place is...
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total check-ins: 2000
Mike Corak
Get there a little early before the Senior buses, and be sure to request your favorites!
Sean Donner
This is Chuck E Cheese's for old people.
Mike Crow
Star Wars rocks the building... WOW
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rating 4.2 out of 5
Daniel McDermott
This is basically a pizza parlor with a sweet concert organ. The organist was awesome. I was concerned about the volume before going, but I felt it was just right. If you want to have casual conversation, this may not be the place for you. If you want to eat and listen to some high quality music....
Steve Hughes
I have never commented about any place in my life, but I had to this time. This place is great! Good pizza and the music is phenomenal. The engineering that went into building this organ is bewildering. You have to go at least once.
Moeller Darosa
Food is excellent, especially if you love Italian-style pizza. We loved dining here in the last few years and have always had a pleasant experience. The owner loves what he is doing and he is a nice guy, so say hi if he is in the restaurant when you have your dinner.
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