Ann Arbor

Planet Rock

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82 Aprill Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

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Raymond K.
I have a membership at Planet Rock. It has plenty of top rope and lead climbing routes to work on as well as three different areas for bouldering. They...

Amy G.
Comprehensive rock climbing gym! It's the first time I've seen self-belaying machines, which allow one to climb by oneself. The staff seem quite lenient, as...

Jess C.
A complete indoor rock climbing gym! Not a gym with a small rock climbing wall but an entire facility designed just for rock climbing!! I have searched for...
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Joseph Ross
Arrive on Thursdays after 7:30pm and climb the rest of the night for only $10.
Ryan Hanold
There is a good 1st time package for beginners.
Andres Favela Padilla
Puro pa arriba!
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Andrew Gerlach
This gym is the only game in town (unless you're satisfied with the tiny M Rock gym) and they know it. As such, they don't feel the need to treat climbers as valued customers, but rather as annoyances. The staff isn't actively malicious (which, sadly, is an improvement from over a year ago), but mos....
Joshua Novak
Planet Rock is a Great Facility. I have been going here to the Ann Arbor area since I was very young and keep coming back. I am now part of a climbing club from my university and we go to both facilities at least 20+ times a year. The staff is very helpful and willing to give any advice when I have ....
Alistair Smith
The walls and routes are great, but the staff leaves a lot to be desired. They are fairly unwilling to work with beginners, and when they finally interact with a customer, some of the staff act very annoyed and inconvenienced. Sadly, this seems to be a trait of a lot of climbing staff. Cool gym t....
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