Salt Lake City

Seven Peaks Water Park

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1200 W 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

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Nicole F.
Parking, food, tubes and lockers are all overpriced. Lockers are $16 friggen bucks, although they give you a $10 refund if you return the key. Tubes used to...

Gifford L.
I have been coming to seven peaks now off and on for nigh 20 years now and yesterday's experience had me both wanting to pull my eyebrow hairs out and...

Nicole P.
Parking and food still overpriced. The park itself though was shockingly nice and the slides were tons of fun. The Boomerang about gave me a heart attack...
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Cory Mulcock
Lots of fun, but boy do they nickle and dime you. $ to park. $ for a tube. No outside food or drink allowed.
Marc Stryker
Don't trip on the ripped pieces of turf going up the stairs or get a splinter on the exposed decaying wood. Lawsuit alert, Seven Peaks. Time to do some necessary housekeeping.
Chelsi Dall
Come after 5 PM. Parking is free, tubes are free and food is half price!! And the park is not as busy!!
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rating 2.5 out of 5
curtis walston
My kids love waterparks, so I looked this one up online, and that was all it took for me to realize that it sucks. -Seven Peaks charges for tube rental. No no no no. That's like opening a roller-coaster, and charging extra for the seatbelt buckle. -They charge for parking. Not just RV or trailer o....
Edie Morgan
Talk about IMPOSSIBLE to reach. I have tried the number, its disconnected, then a new number but the messages are full. I even sent and email and no one has contacted me back. Seven Peaks offered a gift card voucher for $50.00 for Walmart. I bought it, redeemed it, and have never seen the walmar....
Mark Michaels
Run down, poor maintenance, staff is not friendly. Sell cheap passes to stay busy, and try to gouge folks on food and parking! Frequently have some of the slides closed for repair. Often very crowded, but did have some fun on slow-ish days during the week when it wasn't over 90F. Haven't gotten ....
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