Skydive City

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4241 Sky Dive Ln, Zephyrhills, FL 33542.

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Hillary V.
So this one time I went sky diving, and HOLY CRAP! We first pulled up to a little business about half a mile up the road from Skydive City. I was thinking...

Onix R.
Not that I've been to a lot of drop zones but everyone we came across was friendly and knowledgable. Jeff and Randy are great instructors. I love that...

Allen F.
When your dream is to fly, you have to be careful. Go to the wrong place, and the disappointment of a bad experience can be more than wasted money, but the...
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total check-ins: 735
The harnesses and the plane, although without a door, are well secured. Overall, it's an unforgettable experience. The Short List: one of our top 5 best outdoor adventures.
Harry Lee
umm...make sure you pull the cord for the parachute.
Tanya LeBlanc
Quinn and Billy are awesome!!
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rating 4.9 out of 5
Shawn Rupp
I did a lot of research before deciding on Skydive City to jump and I was not disappointed! The facilities are clean and the staff are friendly, professional and fun. The combination of all of these things make what could be a very nerve-racking experience as comfortable and exciting as possible. ....
Gladys Smith
Skydive City was recommended to me by two experienced people I trusted for my 39th and 40th birthday jumps, and I have not been disappointed! I had never jumped before. I've been to Skydive City twice, and took a friend both times. One of them had never been skydiving before, and she signed up for....
Teemu Vänskä
I'm from Finland so our skydiving season ends usually around mid-October or so, but lucky for us, we have this annual Christmas + New Year trip arranged every year in Z-hills Florida. I spent my last winter holidays (two weeks) at Z-hills & Skydive City and completed my AFF training there. The DZ it....
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