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4151 Meridian St Ste 100, Bellingham, WA 98226.

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Rodney W.
2nd time here. 1st time wasn't great but okay. This time was dreadful. I highly recommend not eating here. No standards what so ever. From the moment you...

Dori C.
11/19/2014 Went here with my daughter...Yummer yet somewhat bummer. They have a wide variety of sushi, seafood, deserts. They very things I like. HOWEVER, I...

Jennifer S.
first off, its a buffet, can't expect much in quality. walked into a very noticeable fish odor, like low tide at the pier. should have turned back then but...
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Caitlin Lockhart
The all you can eat sushi bar is well worth it. Only ~$13 for a lot of delicious fish!
Jess M
The baby octopus are really good. Try to eat without thinking about squishing their baby heads.
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rating 3.7 out of 5
Carlos Martinez
All of their too expensive food tasted and looked like left overs from two nights before. The place is dirty and stinks. Used to come here all the time when it first opened until we heard it was closed down by the health department. After a few months and not much options for buffets in Whatcom coun....
Alex Cheng
Bad experience. Place is dirty, sushi tasted like over night, seafood starting to stink, totally waste of my time, my money, and put myself and my family in risk of food poisoning. Worst buffet i have ever have.
O Mem
I'm usually not one to write a bad review about a business but in this case I feel I have to in order to prevent other people from being very disappointed. I went in at 4pm on a Wednesday and was informed that the $9.95 lunch special sign they had ended at 3:30pm, ok no problem. So It was the dinner....
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