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Four simple words comprise the Ninety Nine Restaurant’s mission statement: “A Passion to Serve.” But a mission statement is worthless if it’s .. read morenot supported by action – and this one definitely is! Everyone at the Ninety Nine Restaurant from the president, John Grady, to the hourly team members lives by this statement. The Ninety Nine Restaurant is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, and has earned a strong reputation as a friendly, comfortable place to gather and enjoy great food and great drink at a terrific price. With the establishment of the Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub in 1952, founder Charlie Doe created an entirely new niche in the New England hospitality industry – the casual restaurant – long before the appearance of others. The Ninety Nine Restaurant continues to prosper and grow. The Ninety Nine updates and refines its menu on an ongoing basis to provide guests with fresh new options, yet continues to offer great food and great drink at a terrific price. This philosophy began when the company was founded, and is still maintained today. The culture at the Ninety Nine Restaurant was instilled by Charlie Doe long before a mission statement was ever written down on paper. But the proclamation means that guests, team members, community and stakeholders are treated with respect. For guests, it means they have a friendly, comfortable place to gather and enjoy great food and great drink at a terrific price. The Ninety Nine is proud to serve more than 20 million customers a year in 116 restaurants throughout the Northeast. For team members it translates into accommodating work schedules, generous benefits, including 401(k) plans and health, life and dental insurance (for hourly and part-time team members as well); and plentiful rewards for top performers. With such benefits, incentives and support it should be no surprise that the company’s team member turnover rate is a mere 40 percent – quite a feat in an industry where employee turnover rates are often as high as 150 percent! Ninety Nine has one of the lowest turnover rates for every position it offers, from manager to team members. Ninety Nine employs more than 7,000 people, many of whom have worked for the organization for more than 15 years. Approximately 50 percent of Ninety Nine’s entire management staff started out as hourly team members. The company attributes its high employee retention figures to a structure that places great value on its team members and offers unlimited growth opportunities. For the community, the Ninety Nine’s “A Passion to Serve” culture means commitment to the local community as evident in its relationship with the Pine Street Inn and the Boys & Girls Club. For stakeholders it means that the Ninety Nine operates its business in an honest and straightforward manner and is committed to helping grow their stakeholder’s investment as well. Plans for the Future -- Expansion Since its first opening in 1952, the Ninety Nine Restaurant continues to grow throughout the Northeast. A regional powerhouse with more than 115 locations throughout the Northeast, Ninety Nine plans to grow over the next five years. Expansion will continue through the existing markets, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The growth strategy Ninety Nine follows consists of opening in pockets of four to five restaurants when entering a new market, thereby creating operational and marketing efficiencies and job opportunities that would not exist with just one restaurant. In the midst of this expansion, Ninety Nine continues to invest in existing restaurants. Over the past decade, the company has put nearly $20 million into existing locations. “Too many restaurant companies get focused on growth and forget where they came from. We want to keep our commitment to the concept and give managers the tools to succeed,” said Grady. 99 Reasons No matter which of our locations you choose, there are always 99 reasons to visit the Ninety Nine Restaurants. Look for all the reasons displayed in your local Ninety Nine, and get the full list of our 99 reasons here. Some of our reasons occasionally change, so keep checking back for updates.
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