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Sam Jacobsen founded PDQ Food Stores, Inc. in 1949. Sam is a pioneer in the convenience store industry. PDQ continues as a family owned business and i.. read mores presently held by his son, Jeff Jacobsen. Jeff is the keeper of the vision originally established by his father. In 1948 he opened his first store under the Tri Dairy name. The business was slow until he started to add other merchandise such as groceries, beer, soft drinks, etc. He operated that sole store for 13 years. In 1962 he had acquired enough money to build his second store, which would be the first to fly the PDQ banner. His late wife, Mary, came up with the name "Pretty Darn Quick", borrowing a phrase that was in vogue during World War I. PDQ Food Stores, Inc. is now protected by a federal trademark. Tri Dairy's name was soon changed to PDQ and, thereafter, all stores were branded PDQ. In 2009, PDQ becomes 100% employee owned. Jeff Jacobsen sold PDQ to the employees after 60 years of being in the Jacobsen family. PDQ employees continue to own and operate 46 stores. Our stores are located in the Madison, WI; Milwaukee, WI; Twin City, MN and California areas.
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