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# The original, classic diner is a modular restaurant built in a factory and shipped to its site complete with furniture, fixtures and equipment. # T.. read morehroughout their history, diners have been neighborhood restaurants which attract a cross-section of America, from factory workers to high society. # The roadside diner was born in 1872 in Providence, Rhode Island, as a horse drawn wagon, operating only at night after all restaurants had closed for the evening. # Over the 116 year history of the diner, the function has always been to provide a good, inexpensive, home style meal in a comfortable atmosphere, but the design of the building has changed. # The diner industry turned out ornate, elaborate wagons during the Victorian era. # Less elaborate lunch cars were built in the "machine era" of the late 1920s. # Sleek, streamlined gems characterized the forward-looking 1930s. This period, and the post-World War II boom, was the golden age of the diner, when the newest and flashiest materials were put to use in diner design. # Colonial and Mediterranean-style diners/restaurants became the standard image after the fast food boom encroached upon the diner's turf in the 1960s and 1970s. # 1989: The first Silver Diner, an innovative, brand new, old-style diner built by Kullman Industries, Avenel, New Jersey, opened for business at the Mid-Pike Plaza, Rockville, Maryland. # 1997: The first Silver Diner comes to the Philadelphia-area, the "Broadway" of diner cuisine, with the opening of the restaurant chain's 11th Northeast U.S. outlet in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. # 2000: Silver Diner opened its newest generation prototype with its first store in Virginia Beach, Virginia and another store in a mall, Lake Forest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
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