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Skyline Chili, Inc. is made up of passionate franchisees and corporate employees who have dedicated themselves to providing consistently great secret-.. read morerecipe chili products and excellent service. To contact the individuals listed below, simply click on their names. Kevin McDonnell Kevin is Skyline's President & CEO. His favorite Skyline meal is a 3-Way, Cheese Coney and a large Diet Pepsi followed by several delicious York Mints. Terry Donovan Terry is Skyline's Executive Vice President. He focuses on building the company's restaurant and grocery brand results through new business development ideas. Terry's favorite Skyline meal is a large 5-Way, Cheese Coney and an ice cold Pepsi. Debi Chitwood Debi is Senior Vice President of Operations. She leads the operations, growth and development of Skyline's corporate stores. Debi's favorite Skyline meal includes a 4-Way Onion and a Chili Cheese Sandwich. Phil Lewis Phil is Senior Vice President of Franchising. He is responsible for all of Skyline Franchising activities. His favorite Skyline meal includes 2 Regular Coneys, a loaded bowl of our secret-recipe chili and a large, cold, Southern Sweet Tea. Alan Riney Alan is Vice President of Marketing. Alan leads the development of the Skyline Chili brand, with primary focus on Skyline Chili restaurants. Alan�s favorite Skyline Chili meal includes a bowl of crackers, a 3-Way, a Chilito and a Large Diet Pepsi. Brett Clark Brett is Skyline�s Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for all things financial, and also oversees Skyline�s Information Technology (IT) initiatives. Brett�s favorite Skyline meal includes a 4-Way Bean, and an ice cold Dr. Pepper. Charlie Harnist Charlie is Vice President of Grocery. He leads the development of Skyline's retail products. Charlie's favorite Skyline meal includes Chili Cheese Fries and a Cheese Coney.
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