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As part of an effective marketing strategy, Western Beef, Inc. establishes supermarkets primarily in inner-city neighborhoods abandoned by many othe.. read morer supermarket chains. With 21 high- volume full service supermarkets and 5 food outlet - type stores we supply our customers from the most visible warehouse supermarket chain in the New York metropolitan area. Our stores, situated in neighborhoods with large populations and ethnic diversity, continually refine, improve and implement their marketing strategies in order to increase customer service and sales. Through diligent demographic research, we can reasonably ascertain a neighborhood's specific needs. By concentrating on the ethnic backgrounds, income levels, population density and food preferences in our neighborhoods, we are able to stock our stores with the brands and sizes of products our customer prefer. Realizing that many of our customers hail from foreign countries, we supply the ingredients that complete their favorite recipes. Customers who need exotic fruits and vegetables can easily find yucca, yampi, passion fruit, sapote, kirby, appio and ajicito in our stores. Western Beef has carved out its niche and the chain expects future growth by continuing to open new retail supermarkets. Not only does the Western Beef provide a full range of value- priced perishable and grocery products for its many ethic customers, it also employs many neighborhood people. Company also operates a wholesale food business that primarily deals in beef, pork, poultry and provisions.
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