API Branding And Display Requirements

We want you to build cool new products with the 8coupons API and we want to make it as easy as possible .  We also want to make sure people know where the information is coming from. To that end, we have the following branding and display requirements in addition to those explained in the 8coupons API Terms of Use:


  1. Hook us up!  Wherever you display information from the 8coupons API, you'll also need to display our logo (see below) in a visible spot so that your users know the information originates from 8coupons.

  2. Get in touch with us at api@8-c-o-u-p-o-n-s-dot-com before you launch anything. We're happy to look at live beta sites, screenshots or ad-hoc apps to help guide your development and help in any way we can!  We also like to promote cool apps and sites that use the 8coupons API.