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  • THERE ARE 2 FORMS OF ASBESTOS, FRIABLE AND NON-FRIABLE:FRIABLE-This type of asbestos containing material can be crumbled easily by hand pressure, it usually appears as flakes or chunks of white material. Friable Asbestos is the most dangerous form of asbestos because the fibers may become airborne if disturbed. Below are some examples of Friable Asbestos:FURNACES AND STOVES: Old furnaces, boilers and stoves may have been insulated with asbestos. Before replacing heating systems, call a licensed asbestos removal contractor to inspect your heating system.PIPE INSULATION: Asbestos pipe insulation looks white and chalky and may be wrapped in canvas. Another type looks like corrugated paper. If your home is older than 30 years old, call a licensed asbestos removal contractor before disturbing the material.WALLS AND CEILINGS: Homes older than 30 years old may have walls or ceilings containing Asbestos. Call a licensed Asbestos removal contractor before beginning any renovation project where the suspected materials may become disturbed.NON-FRIABLE ASBESTOS-This type of Asbestos is usually bonded with another material, therefore the fibers are contained and are less likely to become airborne unless cutting or scraping through the material. Below are some examples of Non-Friable Asbestos:FLOORING: Asbestos containing floor tile may be found in 9x9 tiles, 12x12 tiles or sheet vinyl flooring. The asbestos found in vinyl flooring won't release fibers unless the tiles are aggressively disturbed by scraping, wet sanding or sawing through the material. It is safe to cover asbestos containing floor tile with new flooring. If you would like to have the tiles removed altogether, call a licensed asbestos removal contractor.ROOFING, SHINGLES AND SIDING: Asbestos containing materials may be found in older roofing, siding and shingles. The fibers are not likely to be released unless sawing, cutting or drilling the material. Asbestos containing siding may be re-sided over the existing material. If you have any questions about siding, roofing or shingles call a licensed asbestos removal contractor before undertaking renovations.If you have any concerns about Asbestos containing materials in your home, call a licensed Asbestos professional. The only way to tell if any materials contain Asbestos is to have a sample taken and sent to a laboratory to be analyzed for Asbestos content. Removal is the only permanent solution however, the material may be able to be encapsulated or enclosed. A licensed Asbestos removal contractor should be able to assist you in determining a solution to Asbestos problems in your home. Asbestos waste should never be put out with household trash, call a licensed Asbestos contractor to deal with any loose or bulk Asbestos waste that needs to be disposed of.Finishing Touch Asbestos Abatement Corporation has over 25 years of experience dealing with Asbestos in residences, please refer to the "About Us" page of this website for a background of Finishing Touch Asbestos Abatement Corp. and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email or telephone. Site Manager Sign InPowered ByYellow Pages lnk
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