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About 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment

In 1992, after noticing exercise equipment at friends’ houses being used as coat hangers, door stops, and dust collectors. Dick Enrico came up with the idea to give used exercise equipment a second chance. Dick began selling, and in some cases renting these “slightly used” relics to people just like you. Little did Dick know that this humble beginning would grow into the company it is today.

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Enrico funded his idea by selling his 1986 Corvette convertible for $15,000 and used the money to purchase 40 used NordicTracks. He subsequently placed rental ads in the classifieds and soon had more than 600 machines in the rental market generating in excess of $30,000 per month in revenue.
During the first three years, 100% of 2nd Wind's inventory was previously owned equipment. Enrico frantically tried to keep up with the demand since no legitimate vendor in the fitness industry would sell him new product. They considered him an "embarrassment," "unorthodox," or a "scratch and dent" retailer that was going nowhere. Finally, in 1995, when Enrico proved his model worked and was extremely viable, vendors began pursuing his company to carry their products.

Now, 2nd Wind’s inventory selection is 97% new with the balance consisting of previously owned high-end gear. Currently, the company is the upper Midwest’s exclusive dealer of the industry’s finest lines which include Life Fitness, ParaBody, Hoist, PaceMaster, Vision, Bowflex, Stairmaster, Octane, and a host of others. Today, with over 85 retail stores and an “award winning” commercial division, 2nd Wind has become one of the most successful and respected fitness dealers in the country.