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About 99 ranch market

Tawa Supermarket Inc. was established in 1984 by Mr. Roger H. Chen. As the Asian immigrant community grew in Los Angeles, so did the appetite for quality Asian food products. Sensing the demand, Mr. Chen opened the first Tawa Supermarket store in Westminster, California (Little Saigon). For more than 20 years, Tawa has satisfied the needs of Asian immigrants by providing them with their hometown flavors. Today, Tawa has grown from an individual supermarket into a grand diversified organization. We now serve customers from all over the world.
Currently, Tawa has twenty-four full-service stores in California and four in Washington, Nevada, Texas, Tawa also has joint-venture franchise stores in the states of Georgia, and internationally in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2006, Tawa has become a sister company to 168 Supermarket. Today, 168 Supermarket can be found in Alhambra, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.
From day one, Tawa has embraced the customer-first philosophy and operated the company based on customer needs. Our objective is to create a shopping experience where service is excellent and efficient, selection is wide and endless, and pricing is competitive. Tawa is your premier grocery shopping destination and good companion to your everyday life.

Corporate Culture:

Ever since its inception in 1984, Tawa has always embraced the following directions in all business practice:
• Continuous Innovation: Active implementation of new business strategies and management practices. Investment in new equipment and technology.
• Diversified Service: Satisfy customers' needs by offering diversified service in a professional manner.
• Honesty and Integrity: Gain trust from customers with a management ideology of honesty and integrity.
• Stable Growth: Ensure the growth of the company by creating long-term strategic planning and scientific management of resources.
• Investing in Human Resources: Seek capable and diverse employees and provide them with extensive training to ensure their full potential.
• Community Involvement: Sharing our profit by giving back to the community.
The success of a business relies on its vision, experience, perseverance, and hard work. Tawa will continue its direction by offering low prices, excellent quality, a wide variety of goods, convenient locations and friendly service in a relaxing and pleasant surrounding.

Community Involvement:

Tawa Supermarket attributes its growth and success to the customers' involvement and community support. Tawa firmly believes in giving back to the community, and has always actively supported all kinds of public services toward Asian communities. Since 1988, Tawa has held a Mother's Day Event--Children's Drawing Contest and an Anniversary Price Draw event that is popular every year. The events are well received and many families participate. Tawa envisioned that the Chinese Language will be the leading trend among world languages, hence Tawa encourages students to learn Chinese. We honor 15 students with a Southern California Chinese Scholarship every year for excellent performance in Chinese schools. Tawa Supermarket is the leading company in raising awareness of world-wide disaster relief and recovery. Tawa has supported disaster relief efforts by making donations to the victims of the 2004 Tsunami in South Asia and 2008 China Sichuan Province earthquake. Tawa Supermarket will continue to provide customers and the community with extensive support and rewards. Tawa Supermarket aims to continue incorporating traditional media with the latest web technology to help foster a positive environment for our community.