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About Abbott's Frozen Custard

The “lore” of Abbott’s Frozen Custard dates back to 1902 when a young Arthur Abbott traveling with small carnivals along the eastern seaboard, began perfecting his recipe for a frozen concoction we know today as frozen custard. He peddled his delicious dessert for the most part to support his love of the horse races, little did he know the impact his heavenly treat would have on the public for years to come. In 1926, tired of the constant travel he settled in the port town at Rochester New York. He opened up shop at the corner of Lake and Beach Avenues, just across the street from Ontario Beach Park, which at the time was a bustling amusement park that drew crowds of people from all over the state. Soon people started lining up by the hundreds to enjoy the super creamy frozen custard that Arthur had worked so hard and so long to create. Never content to stay in one place too long, Arthur was attracted to the Playland at Rye Beach. He opened up several successful shops in the park, and was enjoying the fruits of his labor. He never did lose the love of the horses, as a matter of fact with his booming businesses he could afford to buy his own horse, and that is just what he did.