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About Eddy's Ice Cream

<img src="http://www.dreyersinc.com/images/ad_history_founders.gi f" width="420"> William Dreyer made his first frozen dessert to celebrate his German ship's arrival in America. Dreyer partnered with candy-maker Joseph Edy, and together they founded a small ice cream factory on Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. <img src="http://www.dreyersinc.com/images/ad_history_oldcartons. gif" width="420"> Dreyer added walnuts (later replaced with almonds) to his chocolate ice cream and, using his wife's sewing shears, cut marshmallows into bite-sized pieces to make the first batch of Rocky Road, a name that gave people something to smile about in the face of the Great Depression. <img src="http://www.dreyersinc.com/images/ad_history_counter.gif" width="420"> Edy and Dreyer agreed to dissolve their partnership. In 1953, Dreyer retired and his son, affectionately known as Junior, took over management of the company. Edy returned to the candy- making business.