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About Kempo Martial Arts Dojo

At all Kempo Martial Arts Dojos our schedules are tailored to provide you and your family with the best in Martial Arts training in a safe clean environment. We take pride in keeping our classes controlled by age and rank, as well as our Instructor to student ratio. At all of our Dojos you may rest assured that there will be several Assistant Instructors helping your Chief Instructor to guide you and your children on their journey to a healthier more disciplined future. All of our classes are divided by age group and by training level to allow more one on one time with your Instructor. Our students are expected to be productive members of their community, keep their school grades at a level that represents the best of their ability, and to lead a home life that all others can look up to. At Kempo Martial Arts Dojos we strive to create leaders and work side by side with any and all students, of any age, to help them achieve all that they are capable of attaining.Beginners train with beginners, Intermediate levels train together, and Advanced classes are even split in most of our locations so that Green Belts and Brown Belts have their own classes. Black Belts have their own classes.