About La Madeleine Bakery Cafe & Bistro

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About La Madeleine Bakery Cafe & Bistro

Stepping into la Madeleine is like visiting the French countryside – where the love of fresh food is celebrated, and everyday eating remains one of the simple pleasures of life.

From the moment you
walk through the door of
la Madeleine, you’ll feel the harried world disappear
as you take in the delicious aromas, welcoming people, relaxing décor and the
soft classical music. At
la Madeleine, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a fine meal, good conversation with friends or just your own thoughts.

You’ll also notice that life here is moving at just one pace – yours. Whether you dine in by the fireplace, sit outside on the patio, order a lunch to go, pick up coffee and pastries for the office or get party trays for your next gathering, la Madeleine is there for you.

Because food is at the heart of traditional French country life, it is also at the heart of everything we do. Your la Madeleine meal will be prepared by our chefs using the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes.

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