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About Larry's Giant Subs

The Raikes brothers built their first submarine sandwich shop in Jacksonville, Florida during 1982. Their first subs were designed using the best quality meats and cheeses available and topped off with produce that is delivered daily; like iceberg lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes and the finest Spanish onions. Today the ingredients have not changed and neither has the brothers' commitment to quality. After seeing the response the first store received, the two were inspired to branch out and take their concept nationwide. With more than 25 years of hands on experience, the Raikes brothers built a tradition of quality that has never been outgrown. Larry's Giant Subs has achieved growth and success with a continuing commitment to making the best sub sandwiches on the planet, using only the best quality products. With a Larry's Giant Subs franchise you can own a business that has capitalized on a solid tradition and an excellent reputation for giving customers what they want; great food that is fresh, fast and affordable.

What makes Larry's Giant Subs so great? The secret is in the subs. We start with the highest quality meats and cheeses, then add lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and pile it all on a toasted Italian roll. What really sets us apart is that each and every sandwich is made fresh to order. The meats and cheeses are sliced fresh for each sandwich and created right before the customer's eyes. Also, customers can see our variety of cold cuts displayed in our 6-foot deli cases. Everything is quickly made to order for each and every customer just the way subs were made at the original Larry's Giant Subs more than 25 years ago.

Did you know that Larry’s Giant Subs is the only sub chain out there that uses Black Angus USDA Choice roast beef with no injection – that means it’s all natural with nothing added but just the right amount of pure salt and fresh ground pepper.

We only sell first cut, trimmed, and extra lean, meat products like National Deli Pastrami and Corned Beef Brisket. As a national franchise, our buying power allows us to serve our customers premium products at everyday affordable prices. We give our customers what no one else out there can. Larry’s customers expect the best and we never let them down. Giving our customers nothing less than the very best is what Larry’s Giant Subs is all about.

From the very beginning, Larry has insisted on nothing but the highest quality in his product. Our Executive Chef Turkey Breast is hand roasted, hand packed, and 97% fat free. We use only 98% fat free Dak’s Premium Ham, packed in all natural juice, and our chicken breasts are whole, all natural , and charcoal grilled to perfection.

We pride ourselves on the quality brands we serve our customers. Our award winning bread comes straight from the Costanzo’s Bakery right in the heart of Buffalo, New York. We now feature real New York cheesecake direct from Carnegie’s Deli in Manhattan. We use only Chicken of the Sea Albacore Tuna and Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise in our Tuna Salad, and our Chicken Salad is made by Sally Sherman’s using only the freshest white meat available.

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