About Macayo's Mexican Restaurant

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About Macayo's Mexican Restaurant

<img src="http://www.macayo.com/History/Images/WoodyVictoriabyTruck.jpg" width="420">

Woody and Victoria, high school
sweethearts, were married on
Christmas Eve.

<img src="http://www.macayo.com/History/Images/Central50s.jpg" width="420">

Woody Johnson returns from serving in WWII and opens Woody’s El Nido on 37 W. McDowell with only six tables and a counter.

Little Woody’s is established, with only10 tables. Sopapillas were the only dessert on the menu.

<img src="http://www.macayo.com/History/Images/FiestaFarm.jpg" width="420">

Macayo opened on 4001 N. Central
Avenue. Celebrities who’ve dined at
Macayo’s Central: Liberace, Fleetwood Mac, Bill Cosby,Wilt Chamberlin, Jim Nabors, Alice Cooper and Elvira.

Lillian O’Keeffe was hired as a waitress. Today she works as a hostess at the Thunderbird Road location, 45 years later! Macayo East Charleston Vegas opens.

<img src="http://www.macayo.com/History/Images/OrangeFlowerTile.gif" width="420">

State Restaurant Equipment, Inc. is founded to buy restaurant equipment at wholesale for the growing company.

Macayo’s Paradise Las Vegas opens.

Macayo’s West Charleston Las Vegas opens.

Chile shortage caused Woody Johnson to find his own source. Fiesta Canning Company owns and operates a manufacturing facility in McNeal, AZ. that is 100,000 sq. ft. on twelve acres of land, and farms approximately 1,000 acres. Today it is the 3rd largest chile producer canning 30 million pounds a year.

Scottsdale Macayo’s opens at 4218 N. Scottsdale Road. 1974 Macayo’s West Las Vegas opens.

Macayo’s North Las Vegas opens.

Woody’s El Nido closes.

Macayo’s Thunderbird opens.

Macayo’s Del Norte opens. Macayo’s Mesa opens

Little Woody’s closed when the leased expired. TV crews and newspapers were present to witness the sign coming down. Macayo’s Henderson Vegas opens.

Macayo’s Westridge (now called Desert Sky) opens.

Fiesta Grande! Phoenix Mayor Terry
Goddard was sworn in as President of the National League of Cities in Boston and celebrates by throwing a Mexican Fiesta for 1,000 people! To ensure the food was exact to his specifications, he had Macayo’s fly it in—150 gallons of Margaritas, 3,500 Mini-Tamales, Tacos, Fajitas and Chicken Maximillian with his favorite chips and salsa!