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About MaidPro House Cleaning Maid Service

In 1991, while living in Beacon Hill, Mark Kushinsky, one of MaidPro's founders, called a maid service to have his home cleaned. Although he was shocked by how high the prices were, he was looking forward to regaining valuable time. On the day of the cleaning, Mark arrived home eager to see the work that had been done. He was very disappointed. The cleaning team had done a seriously inadequate job. He called the manager of the company to complain. She was not apologetic. Instead, all she said was, "Well, we'll be sure to give the cleaning team more detailed instructions next time. " Still, Mark persevered. He called another cleaning company. They were even more expensive!

But, Mark reasoned that this must be because they provided better service than the first company. Yet their work was even worse! Not only did they do an extremely poor job of cleaning his home, they had left his cat, Foof, locked in the bathroom - without a litter box! There was no way Mark would allow this company in his home again.

But this is not the end of the story, it is only the beginning - the beginning of MaidPro. Mark shared his experiences with his friend Richard Sparacio. The two of them recognized a great opportunity and they opened MaidPro's first tiny 200 square foot office on Boston's historic Beacon Hill in September of 1991.

Just one year later they expanded MaidPro's office from the tiny 200 square foot office to a small 400 square foot office. Their formula of quality service, along with a special kind of customer care, was genuinely appreciated by their clients. MaidPro was growing by leaps and bounds and was soon voted the best maid service by Boston Magazine.

As MaidPro grew, it became difficult to manage all the customers that wanted service. MaidPro needed some help and it came in the proprietary software "MaidSoft" developed by MaidPro. MaidSoft helped handle the growing number of MaidPro clients while allowing them to continue to provide exceptional service. MaidPro now offered a unique combination of technology and personalized service.

In 1996, as Mark researched franchised cleaning companies, he was shocked to find that they did not provide their franchisees with the most basic business and customer service tools. Inspired by this research, Mark and Richard began envisioning MaidPro offering their quality services throughout the country. Within a year, the first independent MaidPro office was providing great service and experiencing unprecedented success using MaidPro's quality formula. Today, MaidPro is one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the nation with more than 100 offices servicing 28 states and the District of Columbia. Mark and Richard are enjoying sharing their success and experience with each franchise owner, and are proud of the lengthy list of loyal customers that MaidPro has built.