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About Reeds Jewelers

REEDS Jewelers Founder Bill Zimmer was just a kid when he learned how to sell diamonds. His family operated retail jewelry stores. And as he learned the business from his brothers, so later would his children learn from him. In 1946, Bill and his wife, Roberta, bought a small, downtown jewelry store for sale in Wilmington, North Carolina and changed the name to REEDS Jewelers. Later, the Zimmers opened a store in Whiteville, Jacksonville, and other cities in the Carolinas. By 1979, Zimmer controlled two dozen retail outlets. He and his wife ran the downtown Wilmington store. While they built their business, they also built a family. All four children worked in the family business while growing up. Alan Zimmer joined REEDS as executive vice president in 1981 and took charge of merchandising. He officially became president and CEO in 1985. As soon as he arrived at REEDS, Alan began instituting major changes to help modernize the growing company. Today, REEDS Jewelers maintains the comfortable atmosphere of a family-run business, even with retail stores in 18 states. Bill Zimmer, who worked at his first store himself every day until his recent passing, would often express his vast pride in what his son Alan had accomplished. "Alan has built the company," he says. "I love this business," says Alan. "And the foundation to our company's growth will be the business practices my father taught us... personal service, friendships, and quality goods at competitive prices." <img src=""> <img src="">