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About U-Stop Convenience Shop

Our company founder, M.E. "Bus" Whitehead, graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1950. Bus was a standout basketball player, leading the Huskers to a Big Seven conference championship his senior year. After he graduated, Bus went to work as a sales trainee for Phillips 66 and played for their acclaimed AAU amateur basketball team. In 1959, still working as a salesman for the Phillips 66 Company, Bus took advantage of the opportunity to buy the Phillips 66 direct operation in Lincoln, which included 14 service stations. By 1965, Whitehead Oil grew to 24 service stations and a bulk products distribution plant. During the gas shortages of the 1970's, many service stations went out of business. In fact the total number of gas stations in the nation decreased by fifty percent. But Whitehead Oil Company continued to grow and prosper. As the 70's turned into the 80's, it was apparent that new marketing strategies were necessary for the company to continue its success in the Lincoln market. "Full-Service" stations became "Self- Service" and soon began to offer consumers convenience items: pop, snacks, even groceries. In 1982, after graduating from Kansas State University, son Mark joined the company and opened the first U-Stop Convenience Shop at the corner of 27th and South. Now there are 22 U-Stop Convenience Stores in Lincoln. In 1989, Bus Whitehead sold 100 percent of the company to his family. Mark Whitehead, now president of the company, continues the mission set by his father to "be aggressive and try to keep abreast of the trends." During the last 50 years Whitehead Oil Company has seen gas wars and gas shortages, old stations close and new ones open. Its seen fuel sales grow from 12 million gallons a year in 1966 to over 45 million gallons last year. The future holds fresh challenges and new opportunites. Sound management, aggressive marketing and a commitment to our people and our community will ensure that the prosperity of the past will continue into the new Millenium. "When you have good people, there's nothing you can't do." Bus Whitehead