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About Ultimate Electronics

Ultimate Electronics has a rich history dating back to 1968, when Bill and Barb Pearse opened up the first store in Arvada, Colorado. Their focus each day was to provide a shopping experience that was second to none. Each guest mattered, and taking the time to provide the right solution was central to their operation. As the premier audio specialist in the Denver area, they quickly achieved success, which led to growth. In the early 1980's, video products began to play a larger role in consumers' lives. During this period, Ultimate added TVs to their mix of products and expanded the chain throughout the Denver Market. Bill and Barb's business principles and uncompromising expectations around great service led to growth in markets such as Minnesota, St. Louis, Oklahoma, Nevada, Kansas, New Mexico, and Arizona. In 2005, the company peaked the interest of long-time customer, Mark Wattles, the founder of Hollywood Video. Mark recognized the great potential for Ultimate Electronics and purchased it with the hope of expanding the concept and growing the chain, much like he did with Hollywood Video. Under Mark's leadership, Hollywood Video grew to become an industry leader with more than 1,300 Hollywood Video superstores and more than 550 Game Crazy specialty retail outlets nationwide. Since 2005, Mark has made it his mission to create a similar path for Ultimate Electronics. Mark, along with his long-time business partner, Bruce Giesbrecht, instituted critical changes throughout the company, continuing to evolve the customer centric culture. In 2008, Mark promoted Jim Pearse, the son of founders Bill and Barb Pearse, to the president of Ultimate Electronics. And now in 2009, the organization has returned to a state of growth and is poised to set a new standard in the retail space. Timeline: * 1968 - Bill and Barb Pearse open a Team Electronics store in Colorado * Mid 1980's - video was added - the chain expanded throughout the Denver area * 1990's - the chain expands into Minnesota, St. Louis, Oklahoma and Las Vegas * 2005 - Mark Wattles, a long-time customer, purchases the company * 2008 - Jim Pearse, son of founders Bill and Barb Pearse, is promoted to President * 2009 - Ultimate Electronics returns to a state of growth Mission Statement: "Deliver the World's Best Customer Service by Providing the Ultimate Experience."