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About United Stor-All

United Stor-All Centers, LLC (USAC) is a fully integrated real estate organization focused solely on the self-storage industry with expertise in ownership, acquisition, development, construction and management of self-storage properties. Providing a full range of services from site selection and market feasibility to site management, we can lead you through all the steps to ensure that your investment into the self-storage industry is done the right way. Our organizations seasoned professionals provide services that include: * Market analysis * Zoning and entitlement assistance * Loan presentation packages * Site design and unit layout * Construction plans * Document review * Construction management * General contracting * Comprehensive marketing strategies * Property management Our business relationship can be turnkey, or customized to meet your needs. USAC has a great track record with a proven ability to consistently generate significant economic returns on its development projects. This success is the result of its methodical approach to the development process, which is executed through the coordinated effort of four company divisions with specific areas of expertise and responsibility. These divisions are: 1) Real Estate Division - site identification, contract negotiating and market due diligence and site entitlements 2) Development Division - physical due diligence, zoning analysis, project design, budgets and permits 3) Construction Division -construction management, general contracting and construction consulting 4) Property Management Division - marketing plans, manager training, and operations of facilities Executive Summary - More about United Stor-All In addition to professional astuteness, we have a commitment to be an exceptional organization within the communities that we operate, for the people we employee and for the customers we serve. Our core values reflect this commitment: Our Core Values Our People We are committed to attracting and retaining employees that share in our core values. Every employee is: • Treated with respect. • Given the tools and freedom to be successful. • Provided with the opportunity for career growth. • Provided a professional, safe, friendly and fun work environment. • Encouraged to maintain a balance of work, family and community. Our Customer We are committed to treating each and every customer like a member of our family. Every customer is: • Treated with respect. • Provided with warm and friendly service. • Given focused individual attention. • Given the opportunity to voice their comments and concerns, and have them addressed in a fair, ethical and timely manner. • Viewed as an opportunity to exceed expectations. Our Communities We are committed to serving our communities. In our communities: • We empower our employees to be active participants. • We identify people or organizations that need assistance and seek to provide that assistance. • We initiate activities that make a positive impact. • We strive to be a long-term respected member. Our Business We are committed to excellence in all aspects of self-storage. Our business is: • Managing high quality self-storage properties that are well-maintained, clean, inviting and customer friendly. • Building long-term partnerships with clients that share our core values. • Creating value and profitability through excellence in self-storage management.