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About Value Pawn & Jewelry

Value Financial Services, Inc. is the largest privately held operator of pawnshops in the United States with pawn stores in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. The company loans money and sells jewelry, tools and electronics under the lender trade names of Value Pawn & Jewelry and Check Jewelry & Loan. Florida State University and the Orlando Business Journal have named Value to the Florida 100 list of top growth companies several times over the past decade. Value has also been recognized as a top growth company by Inc. Magazine in recent years. Most recently, Value was named one of the Top 20 Best Places To Work In Central Florida for 2006.

In addition to the numerous business and professional recognitions received by Value, the company has a distinguished record of being the most innovative and creative operator of multi-unit pawn shops in the pawn industry. Value will typically lend more cash on items of value than any other pawnshop in the country. The company has taken the pawn loan transaction to a new level by treating customers as guests in each store. The Gallup Organization has surveyed Value customers for each of the past four years and found what they term an unprecedented level of customer loyalty. Gallup has also surveyed Value employees with a similar result.

Employees at Value work as an appraiser, pawnbroker, money lender and customer service agent for this innovative organization. Part of the employee loyalty can be found in the way Value treats employees at every level. The company has a mantra that simply states there are no unimportant jobs at Value. Additionally, the company pays wages that far exceed the industry average, thereby reducing employee turnover and improving total productivity of the organization.

Value removed firearms from all locations in 1997 and ceased operating any pawn shop on Sunday and most major holidays that same year. These two decisions have been the most positive and significant decisions made by any pawn chain operator to date, resulting in an unparalleled quality of life for Value’s employees.

Finally, Value again beat the industry “action curve” by designing its own unique Training Program for New Hires several years ago. Since that time, the new hire program has undergone many changes and upgrades to what it is today. Value is the only operator of pawnshops that certifies all employees on their understanding of pawn legislation that is applicable to the states where Value operates pawnshops. Additionally, Value has training that explains to new hires why customers redeem their merchandise more often at Value than other shops and why Value customers need to borrow money. This has allowed Value to consistently be in the Gallup Organization’s World Class Category of the Gallup worldwide client base.

Being an industry leader and trendsetter has allowed Value to be the most profitable pawn shop operator in America on a per store basis for some time. It has also positioned the company for profitable growth opportunities in the future with new store openings taking place in the Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia markets during 2006. Future expansion targets have been set for 2007 and 2008.