About Venuto's Old World Pizza

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About Venuto's Old World Pizza

Venuto's isn't a name conceived in some corporate boardroom to sound authentic. It's the name of Ralph Venuto and his family. And when it comes to doing things right, the name Venuto is as authentic as it gets.

One of the reasons for that is Ralph's upbringing in South Philly. One of 16 children, Ralph worked at the family grocery store, where he learned how to keep loyal customers. He went on to found several thriving businesses, all of them inspired by the customer-oriented approach he learned from his father. Then one day, already successful beyond his dreams, Ralph was hungry. He wanted something more. Specifically, a pizza.

Not just the usual pizza. Pizza done right. With a thin, crispy crust. With fresh, high-quality ingredients. With an appetizing array of toppings to choose from.

Ralph couldn't easily find such a pie. Because while many pizza shops deliver to your door, they don't deliver on taste or quality.

So Ralph founded Venuto's Old World Pizza, inspired by the South Philly recipes he grew up with, plus, naturally, his Dad's approach to the customer.

Not surprisingly, Venuto's not only offers delivery, but also curb-side pick up and fast, efficient service. In fact, our pizzas are usually ready in just six minutes. These Old-World Pizzas aren't just made fast. In fact, they're not made at all. They're crafted. We use the highest quality pizza cheese, fresh ingredients, a tantalizing array of toppings, and a distinctive crust that's unlike any other.
You folks in the new world love your pizza. And the first time you visit the Old World with Venuto's, you're going to be talking. With your mouth full.
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